Health benefits of jamun and pomegranate fruit antioxidants – a new revelation!

According to a report in leading daily newspaper, a study conducted by Plant and Food Research Institute, New Zealand found that a daily dose of Jamun fruit extract helps relieving health problems like fatigue, joint pain and kidney stone removal. Another interesting find is that the fruit extract is also helpful in faster recovery from muscle related injuries (something that can be very useful for sports persons). The presence of  flavonoids, a very useful antioxidant, in the fruit is the chief reason for the health benefits.

Pomegranate, a fruit richest in flavonoids is helpful in slowing down cartilage damage in osteo-arthritis, according to a study conducted at Case-Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA.

A host of health benefits offered by these two indian super fruits, hitherto unknown and which is now coming to light can help people get over their lifestyle problems the natural way without any danger of side / after effects.

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About Maduban Naturals

Engaged in the manufacture of simple, handmade, pure & natural, healthy, value added products from fresh whole pomegranate and jamun fruits - fruits native to India Interested in natural products, sustainable organic farming, eco tourism, farm stays.
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